Asia International, Inc. is the first officially recognized Miyazaki beef distributor in the United States. It is an importer and distributor of fine foods. Starting as a small family-owned company in San Francisco, California, Asia International has been successful by providing customers with superior products and exceptional service. Our partnerships with chefs and restaurants across the nation have helped us grow into one of the most trusted Wagyu distributors in the country. 


Founded in 2007, we had one goal in mind: offer the highest quality ingredients to consumers across the country. At Asia International, we began in the San Francisco Bay Area, traveling from restaurant to restaurant, and introducing ourselves and our product.


Asia International only imports Miyazakigyu from Japan, graded A4 BMS 7 and above. This is the best Wagyu from the Miyazaki prefecture and is hand-selected in Japan to ensure quality. In order to qualify as the Miyazakigyu name, the meat is required to obtain grade A4 or above.

OUR Shop

Our shop only offers A5-graded, whole and pre-portioned, Miyazaki Wagyu from the Miyazaki prefecture in Japan. This unique beef is only available in limited quantities and may run out during high demand. Please see our shop for our current offerings and product details.