Asia International only imports MiyazakiGyu from Japan graded A4 BMS 7 and above. Our Wagyu is hand-selected in Japan to ensure quality. In order to qualify as the MiyazakiGyu brand, cattle are required to obtain a grade of A4 or above. Asia International goes above and beyond this standard and has a selection process to ensure consistency. Other Wagyu from the area that do not meet the criteria for MiyazakiGyu must be sold as "Miyazaki Kensan Gyu," which translates to, "Wagyu from Miyazaki Prefecture." Even called "Wagyu," these two different Wagyu types must not be confused, as they vary greatly in taste, quality, and consistency.



Wagyu literally translates to "Japanese Cow" and refers to the 4 breeds of cattle raised in Japan (Black, Shorthorn, Polled, and Brown). It is worth noting that "Wagyu" is an umbrella term and encompasses many different brands, such as MiyazakiGyu, Kobe Gyu, and others.  For example, all MiyazakiGyu is Wagyu but not all Wagyu is MiyazakiGyu.

KobeGyu is a branded Wagyu which must be raised and processed in the Hyogo Prefecture. It must also be clearly marked with a Japanese Chrysanthemum on the meat as part of their security system, and must meet a variety of other criteria before it can be sold under the brand name.

On the other-hand, MiyazakiGyu is a branded Wagyu which must be raised and processed in the Miyazaki Prefecture. It must also be graded A4 BMS 7 and above to meet the MiyazakiGyu qualifications—otherwise, it is sold as Miyazaki Kensan Gyu.

MiyazakiGyu has also won successive 1st Place awards in the 9th and 10th Japanese National Competitive Exhibition of Wagyu. So when you buy MiyazakiGyu, you know you are getting the best Wagyu in Japan!