A5 MiyazakiGyu, 9lbs Whole Boneless Striploin

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A5 MiyazakiGyu, 9lbs Whole Boneless Striploin


Asia International, Inc. is the first officially recognized Miyazaki beef distributor in the United States, and is now offering MiyazakiGyu, the #1 Wagyu brand in Japan, to online consumers!

  • Authentic A5 Graded MiyazakiGyu Beef
  • Japanese Black cattle (Kuroge)
  • Product of Japan
  • Never ships frozen
  • 9 lbs., perfect for steak portions of your preference

The striploin portion of cattle is prized for its juicy flavor and tenderness. Each piece is approximately 9 pounds, perfect for cutting into steak portions of your preference.

This item is shipped Standard overnight with Blue Ice in an insulated container.

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Wagyu, prized for its delicate marbling and taste, was once reserved only for the most exclusive restaurants. Now, it is available to you from our online store! 

Preparation suggestions:

  • Cut your steak according to your preferred thickness. We recommend cutting into 1/2 inch to 3/4 inch steaks. Of course, you are always welcome to cut an even thicker steak!
  • Season your steak sparingly with some salt and pepper. We do not want to over season the steak because it will cover the delicious Wagyu taste.
  • Please see our cooking guide for more tips!