Wagyu Grading

Wagyu Grading CRITERIA

The five categories that factor into the overall beef quality score are:

  1. Beef Marbling Standards (BMS)

  2. Beef Fat Standards (BFS)

  3. Beef Color Standards (BCS)

  4. Firmness and Texture

  5. Yield

Wagyu grading is an art in itself.  People dedicate their lives to providing the most luxurious and exquisite beef in the world, so grading is vital to maintaining product integrity.

In order to qualify as "Miyazakigyu," Wagyu must meet Grade 4 and 5 requirements in all key grading categories. In order to protect the integrity of the grading system, A5 classified Wagyu must be graded Grade A for Yield, and Grade 5 in the remaining four categories. 

Beef Marbling Standards (BMS)

Asia International only supplies BMS 7 (Grade 4) and above (Grade 5). This ensures the highest quality "shimofuri."

beef fat standards (BFS)

Asia International only supplies Wagyu with fat color between 1 and 4, so fat is as clear as possible.

Beef Color Standards (BCS)

Grade 5 requires the color to be between 3 and 5, once oxidized. Product that is vacuum-packed may not develop this deep red color until it is cut and exposed to air for some time.

Firmness and Texture

Ensuring the finest texture (and thus the "melt-in-your-mouth" experience) Grade 4 and 5 on firmness and texture is important. Having a below average firmness and a very fine texture will leave your steak like butter. Having a very good firmness and a below average texture will leave you with a rubbery steak.


Asia International only provides Grade A Wagyu. You are sure to get the highest yield from every purchase.